An appealing website is one of the key factors which helps in ensuring a good market share in today’s competitive world. For a realtor, the website is just like a digital selling card.  Here are some basic essentials for a realtor’s website:

Simple yet attractive layout

Never pick a website design which is full of clutter. Add images of your properties to the homepage. An aesthetic website layout is likely to catch the eyes of more people.

Relevant information

Too much of content tends to jumble the content altogether. If you stick to only useful information on your website, there is a higher probability of users spending more time on your website. Add proper and crisp information for all the images of your properties. A custom content management system can be adopted by the realtor for the same.

Search Ability

Various SEO techniques are available to improvise the searchability of your website. Some of the common techniques are using relevant keywords, adding other website links references to your website etc. It is very important for the realtor to have an online recognition and most buyers and sellers in today’s market remain in close contact with each other through digital platforms rather than the traditional approaches.

Must have Features

Customer is the kingpin in today’s scenario. Prioritizing the convenience of the customer base, the website must have a search box. Add query box so that visitors on the website can easily reach out to you. Also, ensure promptness in response to their queries. Make sure to respond to the negative responses, if any, as well. This ensures the customers that their voice is valuable, and your business proposition deeply considers the customer’s opinions.

Optimisation of photographs

According to various studies, visual images take less time to process in the human brain as compared to the texts. The images need to be relevant, accessible and easily identifiable. Your website images need to explain the services you wish to provide and nothing additional that one might just add for weightage of website. High-resolution pictures would definitely tempt a fair amount of buyers and to market various credible private real estate listings.

Usage of social media handles

Integration of social media handles of your real estate business is very beneficial. Offering to sign in on Facebook or any other social media platform would prove lucrative as you can gather information of the users. Also, post consistently on your social media platforms. Inactive social media handles can’t ascertain branding to your real estate business.


Start a blog mentioning the tips for buying and selling of properties, latest trends and other topics. A blog is essential to the realtor’s website being a medium for dissemination of valuable content to your clients, do add links to the blogs on the website. Related blogs play an important role in getting leads to your real estate website.

Mobile friendliness

People visit websites from several devices at different point of time. Your website must be compatible with the mobile. The sticky navigation must be utilized so that any customer can find the extreme ease of accessing the realtor’s website regardless of their mobile screen size. Not only the content should load quickly on the website but also the images should not be distorted on the mobile version of your website and boost the online property sales objective.


Lightening speed is very important to viewers of any website. Too low speed leads to a high amount of bounce rates on your websites. Platforms like lets you check the lightning speed of your website. If it comes down to more than 3 seconds, you must go for a revision. Lesser the lightning speed of your website, higher the attention span of the end users. Hence leading to reduced trafficking of your website.

Correct grammar

Grammatical, as well as spelling errors, are displeasing to the visitors of your website. These errors affect the opinion of your potential buyers about your professionalism. A constant check needs to be maintained by the website developer or the realtor himself to ensure that the information provided is relevant, error-free and easily accessible or understood.

Customer Testimonials

Testimonials is the best way to portray your business as reliable to customers. Word of mouth is a great promotional tool. Whenever you complete a successful transaction with a client, get a review from their side.


Apart from images, videos are powerful tools of user engagement on your websites. Various apps and software are available nowadays for video creation and video editing. The time spent by the viewers on the videos adds to the time spent on the website. This higher time spent on videos leads to easier recognition of content by the search engines.

To conclude, an impressive website could make your business powerful and it is an extremely important investment for companies to make.

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