You can help your team develop a good team work ethic, to ensure they are all working together and heading in the right direction all at the same time. Team members who have a strong team ethic are known to have good character and they stick to good ethics with everything not just their work life.

Everyone has different opinions on what is considered right or wrong, so you need to ensure you are letting your team know what you consider ethical within your business. Obviously, you also have to follow any legal responsibilities. Different countries and cultures will have different understandings of what is wrong and right.

  • Use different scenarios in order to get your team to face different ethical problems this is a good way to help the team have an understanding of what ethical behaviour looks like. Be sure to only include different situations that your team are likely to face.
  • Are there benefits to hard work? You may not want to encourage the idea of rewards and bribing systems however, there should be a slid reward for good work ethic to ensure it remains.  This may be in the field of offering a chance for a salary increase to a chance at a promotion. You can use sales and project completions as things that are a measurement of the ethic. This can backfire and create a competitive place where people are doing wrong in order to get in front which is not the approach you want for good teamwork ethics.
    Keep in mind that it can be hard for those that feel they are not offered a reward for getting a job done successfully. Some are motivated by their pride in getting it done while others require more.
  • Generation generalisations become an assumption that different generations tend to work better than others. This is something that is said on a common basis.  Each person will adapt to some of their generations however they are still mostly a product of your own life experiences. Culture and geography and the impacts of how each person was raised tend to play out in the generation they are a part of.  How good work is done is not the same across different generations. Millennials have different expectations for the generations that are before them. This doesn’t mean they are not good workers though. Yet now we are seeing that college students are getting part-time jobs now which is higher than the generations before. Millennials are happy to work more hours than the generations before.
  • Do something together. This is always a good way to re-connect with employees and build relationships between them. Consider going on a trip overseas or somewhere in your country. Here, in Australia, you might look at hotel packages in Hobart that offer business bookings. If not, then look for hotel deals in Hobart that include conference rooms and make it an educational trip!

Talk to the team and try and work out an affected plan to create and maintain a teamwork ethic within the business. Ask them what rewards they would prefer r perhaps they would like to work towards a bigger achievement. Talking to your company’s team is a good starting point to see what they are expecting, learn what motivates them and what creates a lack in work ethic with your business in order to grow and maintain that teamwork ethic.

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