Microsoft Excel XP/2007/2010 Level 1
6 hour class content:

Introduction to Microsoft Excel
Excel file types
Excel environment and toolbars
Using the Office Assistant
Creating and opening Workbooks and worksheets
Working with cells
Entering and working with cell data
Formatting and customizing data
Formatting text and numbers
Formatting columns and rows
Editing spreadsheets
Using find and replace
Formulas and functions
Printing and Page Setup
Practical Exercises
Microsoft Excel XP/2007/2010 Level 2

4 hour class content:

Viewing Worksheets
Displaying and customizing toolbars
Advanced formatting techniques
Using Styles and Format Painting
Hiding and displaying cells
Advanced formulas and functions
Using the Function Wizard
Correcting formulas and error checking
using the Formula Auditing Toolbar
Database and list management
Crating and modifying charts and graphs
Drawing and picture objects
Converting files and copying from other applications
Embedding and linking objects
Creating and managing links
Microsoft Excel XP/2007/2010 Level 3

4 hour class content:

Importing data from external sources
Querying data from the web
Using templates and styles
Analyzing data to goal seek and “what if?”
Using Scenario Manager
Macros and custom controls
Protecting files and security issues
Working with digital signatures
Using data validation
Customizing Excel XP
Collaboration and consolidation of files
Practical Exercises

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