We all know that being a realtor can indicate juggling a thousand and one distinct items simultaneously. That is why we’ve produced an extensive collection of amazingly beneficial tech tools that will assist you to reevaluate your workload, improve your productivity and enhance your workflows. You can count on these tools to assist you on your pursuit to get that beautiful piece of land in Tasmania fit for wedding venues of the century, signed.

Let us dive to the top 10 tech tools each property agent needs:

1. Canva – DIY Marketing Collateral

Canva is an internet graphic design tool which helps to create marketing collaterals in an incredibly straightforward manner. It has been used by all types of businesses all over the world from the smaller retail brands in Iceland to luxury resorts in Tasmania. It’s easy-to-use drag and drop interface using different export options and designs to select from. To streamline the design process, Canva has countless photos, fonts and images to pick from or you can import your own.

For real estate agents, it is easy to utilize their property flyer templates, property compilation templates, property booklet templates, and social networking images simply to mention a couple.

2. Google Suite – Your Office from the Cloud

Google Suite is the workplace at the cloud. It incorporates tools like Gmail, Google Drive (online storage), Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides (presentations), Google Maintain (notes and checklists) and Hangouts (video conferences) to streamline your business processes. Have a look at the full attributes here.

If you are not yet using a cloud option like Google Suite, we strongly advise you to do so. There are an array of advantages connected with cloud applications such as greater cooperation and flexibility, simpler access from anyplace, improved security as a result of continuous updates with improved data backup and data protection services. Read more about frequent misconceptions regarding cloud program.

3. Accompany for Gmail and Outlook – Relationship Manager

Accompany for Gmail and Outlook is a smart relationship manager that resides on the right-hand facet of your email inbox. The extension brings information from all around the world wide web to make a rich profile of the sender, without you ever having to leave your inbox.

Right near the sender’s opinion, you will have the ability to see details like their current and past rankings, social media manages, any recent information about their organization and links to some prior emails or meetings you have had together.

Gone are the days of digging through your inbox for emails from the sender to learn that they are. Together with Accompany for Gmail and Outlook, you can place a face to each title and remember what is important. Here is the Way to set up Accompany for Gmail and Accompany for Outlook.

4. Trello – Task Management

Trello is a collaborative undertaking management tool which lets you arrange your projects into planks. It is simple to see who’s working on what and what point the project is inside. Listed below are two readymade Trello boards for property agents.

When you make a board, then you may create various lists for different phases of your job and drag and drop Trello cards under different lists as required. These updates in real time!

In every card, you may add remarks, create checklists, add tags and due dates, upload attachments and begin conversations. Moreover, you can invite as many individuals as you need and see any member action on the side. This way everybody is kept liable for their activities and tasks.

5. Hootsuite – Social Media Management

In regards to technology tools which each property agent requirements, this list would not be full without Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a societal networking management tool which makes it effortless to handle multiple social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, program content and engage with your audience.

As a consequence, that you may easily increase your social networking presence and build brand awareness and create new prospects. The crucial thing is to post frequently and create excellent content that contrasts with real estate owners and renters alike. Read more about the best way to raise your property management firm on Facebook.

Using Hootsuite, you can post all kinds of content straight to one or a number of profiles and produce targeted articles also. It also has a network performance monitoring function, at which you are able to track follower growth and see participation reports.

The best part? Hootsuite is totally free! Together with the free program, you can handle up to 3 societal networking profiles and program around 30 social networking posts every month. Should you want more, you may always upgrade to a paid accounts.

6. Slack – Inner Chat and Collaboration

Consider Slack as an electronic workplace where you could share documents, communicate, hunt through info writings and collaborate with other coworkers, even when you’re from the office.

Through time, Slack has developed out of a cloud-based chatroom into some group collaboration tools because of the sheer variety of programs that Slack incorporates with. By way of instance, you can pull Trello checklists and due dates, societal data from Twitter and files in Google Drive etc..

Inside the Slack workspace, you may make different people or private stations to discuss certain themes (e.g. #rentrollgrowth, #inspections, #propertymanagement) or send direct messages to certain members of your office to inform them about those private real estate listings. To inform an associate and cut through the sound, you can type’@’ followed by their screen name to alarm them. Here’s an illustration:

In doing this, Slack can break down the barriers of communication on your real estate industry since it allows for a free exchange of knowledge and information. This could help you solve issues immediately and keep everybody in the loop in real time.

7. DocuSign – Digital Signature Service

DocuSign is a digital signature service which accelerates transactions as files are securely handled and stored from the cloud. This usually means they may be signed from anyplace, at any time and on any device.

Does this decrease paperwork but it may also radically reduce contract reworking because of illegible handwriting and overlooked signatures. For property brokers on your own, this may mean more deals too!

8. Streak for Gmail – Simple CRM inside Gmail

Streak for Gmail is a convenient Google Chrome extension that can help you handle leads and trades directly from the Gmail. As a result, that you don’t need to switch between your client relationship management (CRM) system and Gmail, effectively saving you money and time.

Together with Streak, you could see a picture of your property pipeline near the peak of your inbox with bargains organized under colourful headings. When you click on into the bargain, you are able to see contact details like their direct score and any preceding interactions so that you can quickly assess where you are in and make informed decisions. You may even perform simple email merges, track email perspectives, create email filters and place reminders without breaking up your own workflow.

Furthermore, Streak is highly customizable for your needs. You may produce distinct message templates, and save deal perspectives, fix commission formulations and customize columns.

9. Animoto – Real Estate and Marketing Videos

With movie promotion on the up and upward, each real estate agent demands a trusted property video program in their toolbox! Animoto makes producing land record videos, slideshow videos, testimonial videos and advertising videos a breeze using its pre-built storyboards, developing library of audio and drag and drop interface.

Just upload your audio clips or pictures and drag and drop them set up to make a polished property video in a couple of minutes. Don’t forget to share the movies that you create on social networking and on your site for maximum exposure!

10. MailChimp – Send Newsletters and Make Ads

The previous technician tool which each property agent wants is Mailchimp. It is an easy email advertising software which lets you develop beautiful property emails and newsletters with no necessity for a programmer or designer. All you have to do is opt for an email list to send, select who the email is from, pick an email template or make your own personal, customize the information, preview the email then send it. Voila!

Distributing a monthly or fortnightly email newsletter is a terrific way to interact with your customers, tenants, suppliers, and prospects. But, make certain to always section your email list to be sure the content is useful and relevant to every audience.

Furthermore, MailChimp can also be a marketing automation system which permits you to retarget your site traffic with advertisements or emails, send automatic email campaigns (those deals that you come up with to target online property sales?) to prospects and customers and a whole lot more. While these advertisements automation attempts demand more work to install, as soon as they’re installed, you might discover they will be able to let you cultivate prospects and acquire more customers in the long run.


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