Canva offers plenty of ways and methods to create a stunning resume for its users. Most professionals want to have a resume that catches the eyes and attention of employers. Whether you are looking for a job or a remote internship, you need a great resume. Those employers receive often dozens of resumes per week, and during the hiring season, the number reaches hundreds. It’s important to have a competitive resume, especially if you are thinking of pursuing an international internship, or a career overseas. 

Therefore, you should create an attractive and creative resume that can help  you grab employers’ attention. 

Follow the steps below to create such a resume using Canva

Build It From Scratch: 

The most helpful and useful attribute of using Canva is that you can start from scratch. You do not have to rely on someone else’s creativity. Instead, you can choose all elements of your choice. If you choose to go down that path, you will start with a new, blank page and add your favorite background. Under this category, Canva offers you a range of colors to choose from, and it is your choice to select the one best representing your personality. The resume can be simple or rich in elements and figures, it’s completely up to you. There are endless elements available, and you can choose whichever ones you prefer. This lets you use lots of graphics and shapes, and they can really enrich a resume. This option lets you change the size and direction of the shapes too. 

Then it’s time to choose a header. You can choose between the many fonts available on Canva. And when I say many, I mean many! There will definitely be a font that suits your style. Then, you can add your personal and professional profile in different sections. This is where you have plenty of opportunity to create a unique look and feel. If you dare to be a bit creative you can create a stunning resume with Canva. 

Unique Characteristics of Canva: 

Canva can help you create a stunning resume due to its unique interface. It is so easy to use! Other software or platforms may not be comprehensive enough to claim that it has covered every aspect of a person’s interest. But this platform lets users choose templates as per their interests, and it makes it an attractive option for users. You are the designer of your product, so you use your own creativity when creating a product. Just imagine the level and scale of creativity Canva presents to users! All these everyday-people acting as designers and creating their own content. 

We all need a tutor in life, so that we can keep learning and expanding our areas of knowledge. Exposure to a wide range of possibilities can help us learn new things and gain new knowledge. Canva serves this job for you because it acts as a teacher. We might have a lot of imagination and creativity, but a “teacher” – in this case Canva – can potentially guide us in a new direction. It can make you capable of thinking and choosing from a vast range of new professional opportunities. 

A resume is only one area that can be made attractive and professionally attractive in Canva. Most applicants use their best level of creativity to get the attention of their future employer. They should work hard to make a different resume, to stand out against the other applicants. We recommend that you try out a range of platforms, to see which one you think is best. Searching for CV-trends when developing a resume can be helpful too, as it helps you choose the best option (if you can’t decide on style). 

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